The Virgin Queen

This was an old film with the old style quiet sound and lots of people as extras it was basically the story of Sir Walter Raleigh – i found the film a bit confusing to begin with but once I had sorted the characters out it was ok.

The premiss is that he is trying to get his ships for exploration of the New World but the Queen has the hots for him so keeps him at court and bans him from seeing any of the maids in waiting. Of course he falls in love and thinking he is to be killed – sleeps with and then ‘marries’ one of the maids. He is then however basically given his ship.

The maid is being sent to France but is pregnant, neither the Queen nor Sir Walter know this but a messenger passes on the gossip not knowing that he is speaking to the baby’s father. Anyway they plan to run away on the ship together to the New World but they get caught – they are going to be executed and then the Queen changes her mind as she was made an orphan by such means. So they end up sailing off to the New World together after all.

This fits perfectly with the sort of thing the Punk would go ballistic about – men are always leaving her to go and have kids and she blames them and loves them still. Now all I have to do is find out if it is remotely true! I haven’t yet come across any of this in the history books I’ve been reading :/

Posted: Saturday, February 27th, 2010 @ 2:17 pm
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