Preparing for a new Nano!

I haven’t really worked on the Punk in the way I was planning this year due to various things – mainly health but I am planning to give it a good old bash this year. I am however going to be breaking the rules slightly and be working on last years novel again!

I have been reading and picking up facts all year which I thin will help greatly with the storyline. One thing I have also done in consolidate more the back story and where the story is actually going – this is the series story arch.

I have done some world building exercises such as writing flash fiction pieces as part of the twitterverses #Fridayflash which eek out the near history/our near future within the Punks universe.

I have also bought my jar of jelly beans and some seaweed crackers. Like last year I am pregnant but this pregnancy is further on and hopefully will result in a baby which last years sadly didn’t 🙁

Obviously I am rationing jelly beans to reduce chances of gestational diabetes etc… and hubby will meter out a whole five to me each day. I do have some decaff coffee but don’t really like it at the moment so am construction fruit infusions at home as my treat drink – these are made from scratch so I can keep an eye on sugar too.

There will also have to be a lot of pain management and pacing in place as pregnancy gives me arthritic hands :/ and so typing can become painful. I am also using crutches which is hard on the hands too :/

Well wish me luck and here I go!

Posted: Friday, October 22nd, 2010 @ 9:02 pm
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