NaNo Prep – writing space

I am tidying the attic at the moment – we moved way more than a year ago and it still isn’t really usable properly as a studio so I am using nanowrimo as an reason to sort it out. I have lots of pictures and postcards and things that I have collected which I am putting up on the walls and on those little clip things you put photos in. These should help as aids to writing – a background world, a character or something more abstract – or at least that is the idea.

My main issue is that I still have no doors on the eaves so it may get quiet cold up there!

Of course if this is the case I still have the desk in the library with a domo monster blanket and easy access to the kitchen and bathroom!

I find writing spaces to be very very important for me – I am finding it increasingly hard to switch off from other things and write at the moment so I need some sort of physical queue that my body can accept as ‘oh ok it’s writing time’.

There is a kettle up there all ready though I still have no water supply so will have to carry a jug up three flights of stairs.

Posted: Thursday, October 10th, 2013 @ 9:35 pm
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