Writing Time

This year I am not actually sure how I am going to find time to write my novel O.o for a start I am now at college albeit part time, I still have a hell of a lot to do and a big chunk of it is science writing which may well take up my writing time. On top of that though the baby is now 2 she is full of beans and a lot clingier than her sister was so writing with her around is almost impossible!

Last year I got around this by going on a writing retreat and attending write-ins but the retreats that I can afford and have the time to go on, do not appear to be running this year. Write-ins are going to be trickier to get to as well which sucks 🙁

So basically I am going to drop my expectation and set my goal at 30 K instead of 50 – this is a thousand a day which I can try and write before bed. Me and hubby normally share bedtime story duty but he has volunteered to do all the November ones so I can have that time to sit and write. The main danger is when I have a homework deadline for college – then by common sense the nano novel goes out the window :/

Posted: Thursday, October 17th, 2013 @ 9:53 pm
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