Of Insanities and Writing Challenges!

I tugged at my brain and made it write 1000 words of story today – it was however a struggle mainly due to small people keep reappearing from bed and the toddler getting a temperature :/ But I managed and now I am looking around my blogs and social media and noticing the pings of other writers… they are doing the Picture Book Idea Month challenge and I am twitching.

Now what I should do is more on my course or more nano writing – get a head or aim for the full word count – instead what am finding increasingly that I want to once more take part in this challenge – I have done it for as long as I have done NaNo for.

So I shall go for my standard – spending 30 hrs this month on my kidlit projects 🙂 I shall document the insanity over on Orange Monster!

Posted: Saturday, November 2nd, 2013 @ 11:01 pm
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