What’s it All About

So what is this years nano about? I’ve already said it is based in the Punk’s Universe – but lets recap on that shall we?

The Punk’s Universe is an alternative history series were humans came to be as genetically engineered slaves of a dominate homosapien species – creatures who evolved on volcanic islands and have large foreheads, dark wide eyes, small chins and webbed fingers.

They almost extinguished themselves with war leaving the slaves to over run the planet – human history is then plagued by the remaining factions fighting through human civilizations they have helped build up. They have long life spans but there is also life extention tech which gets applied to some slaves and slave/master hybrids. The Punk is a Hybrid but is suffering memory loss and just thinks she is some anomaly who lives a long time – my first proper nano – the one I started this blog for – was for her stories!

Scriptfrenzies (a script writing challenge) then got in on the act and I created the story arcs for graphic novels of the The Fall of Babble called Revolation and deals with how she and her brother Jesu came to be. Then I did a screnzy about then all in ancient Egypt and Greece before it was greece etc… Called The Punk in Gold, and then another graphic novel – this time about the volcanic eruption of Santirini in Greece and the Mosis legend in Egypt which manly focusses on her brother Jess.

Then the last GothNoWriMo and NaNo saw me writing the Godex trilogy – a set of three stories involving Jess and an old Cult he had once accidently made in ancient Greece – the Pythia and Oracle of Delphi. It involves cops and wetware and murder and the Actimen Corporation.

Also in the Punks Universe are the flash fictions such as the Actimen Cull and A Wanting for Grass which are about the near future and how it collapses into the floating seastead business dystopia of the Punk’s first book.

There are also the Shark Wars and Celestial Realms which I think are already out their as flash fiction but can’t actually recall of the top of my head! They deal with deep history of the Masters race and will probably spawn novels of their own.

Another project I have notes for in this universe are The Vagina Dare Chronicles about the Punk being in the New World around the time of European settlement after she stops being Queen Elizabeth obviously.

And then there are the Black Bodies Waiting but I have only the foggiest ideas for them but basically they will connect the Punk with the Celestial Spheres stories and sets things up for some singularity type stuff.

So where does that leave what I am working on now?

It is called The White Tower and is part of the Promethius Series and has come from dreams had quiet far apart. It contains neither the Punk nor Jesu but rather is part of the works their Aquatic Ape/Master creator Aten. He will probably be a minor character if he appears at all – the whole story series is setting things up for why even with flooding from Global Warming not being as bad as expected – so many people end up on the man made islands which is where we find the Punk. And is also the foundation of them getting into space properly.

Roughly that is how it fits in.

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