The Promethius Series

The series is primarily about a man called Janus who was orphaned or abandoned at a young age. His progress in life has been guided by Aten (the aquatic ape/grey who made the Punk) though Janus does not actually get to know Aten until his ageing becomes an issue.

Janus is rich, clever and off the wall. He wants to make the world a better place and so when an industrial accident wipes out seven tower blocks of workers – he tries to privately fund a rescue operation but it is barred due to the dangers of the monofilament scattered in the area. Instead he contents himself by adopting Katy – one of the few to get out un harmed from the collapse and subsequent flood.

He is old but does not look it and he does his best – she has an unconventional up bringing with lots of martial arts and climbing and of course he is a bit of a metal head goth type person. They get on ok but she is trumatised in a way he doesn’t understand and begins to spend more and more time on dangerous adventures.

He himself gets drawn into rich dude who does good works role (the sort of comic book set up you often see!) and begins to become embroiled in a situation where he build from his own fortune – a space station/orbital platform type thing – it was supposed to be a gravity fountain but work gets interupted.

Katy ends up on the space station monitoring things when she spots a worrying tend – a drastic increase in violent crime. There is lots of twisty plot to do with this but the overall outcome is that Janus escapes with a plan full of people and has to do some stupidly dangerous stuff to get them all safely onto the space station. This includes Aten.

The space station and sea steds are now the only safe places to live – the floating ‘hotels’ like the Punk is found in at the begging of The Punk in Pink become corporate run megoliths that can keep workers in slavery due to paying them a currency that is only usable on their own platform – an illigal trade in Bitcoins exists between customers and staff.

The space platform code name Promethuis is then a jumping off platform for Janus and co to begin looking at the near by asteroids though this does not really build momentum until the Punk arrives sometime later. The series ends with them realising that there are things – artifacts etc… on the asteroids and the desire to go and explore.

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