More on The Promethius Series

Looks like it is a five book series then! And I have started with the second book not the first!

1) Janus – the story of who he actually is and builds into a home made super hero type story – ends with an accident

2) The White Tower – Katy is orphaned by an industrial accident and adopted by Janus, she returned to the ruins of her home and meets a journalist and together then uncover the true horror of the accident

3) Promethius Rising – The struggle to get the space station operational, lots of intrigue and sabotage.

4) We are Titans – a spat of high violence crime spreads across the world, Janus and Katy fight to save as many as possible but actually starts with a mid life crisis on Janus’s part.

5) Promethius Bound – they can’t go back to earth but the station was not yet fully functional. They need resources and they need them quickly but are stuck in the water. Ends with them reeling in an asteroid for mining.

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