Janus the character

Janus is tall and lanky with a burning passion, he is intelligent and quick but full of sorrow. He builds businesses like others play with lego – he quickly became rich but always seeks to save humankind from themselves.

He invests heavily into charities and life extension tech after an accident left him almost dead. This is when he met the benifactor who had helped him grow up with access to the sort of stuff he needed to become successful. An orphan he is very clingy and would probably have been better off if placed with a loving family in the first place.

After the accident he is left with a problem – he has stopped ageing.

He is very caring and loving but can be demanding and has mood swings.

He has a mop of dark curls which after the accident he dyes to get rid of the grey shock the accident left him with. He appears middle age from then on even when he becomes well over a hundred.

A mischievious smile he somehow never entirely grew up and has enthusiasm over load.

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