Katy The Character

Katy has long straight hair which she plaits to keep out of her way, it changes colour a lot. She likes extreme climbing and spends her spare time exploring the ruins of The White Tower which is actually where she is from. It is incredibly dangerous and has a ferrel population of kids living in it as it is a place adults fear to go.

She is quiet regal in apparences with high cheek bones and a tall broad figure though she is in good shape physically, she is muscle rather than fat but it has given her a stockier appearance than she would have had. Amazonian could be used to describe her.

She is too serious and feels the loss of everyone she knew but worse she feels the pain of her adopted father as she found out through sneaking at thirteen, that he had tried to mount a privately funded rescue mission and that it was blocked. Things she has found in the ruins since have made her excessively angry about this and she feels she can not tell him as it would hurt him more – this is driving a wedge between them.

Janus her adopted father has given her an uncoventional upbringing and her skill set is vast – ranging from martial arts and climbing to programming and domestic chemistry. She is a rebellious teen but calms down into a responsible 20 something who just happens to like adventure. She like her adopted father feels her status in society keenly and wants to help. Plus she remembers what it was like. She is often shocked that people think she is being arrogant when she offers financial aid as money means nothing to her.

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