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Easter Holidays are upon me and I have kids, so yesterday I took my girls climbing and then did some shopping. Not a day I expected to be productive with but the 3 yr old fell asleep so I ducked into a coffee shop – gave the 8 yr old some activity books and drew and doodled and even scripted.

The picture above is not the style I am aiming for for the Punk Graphic Novels but I was experimenting with line work. It is drawn in felt tip in my visual poetry journal (a moleskien for those who are interested).

I also managed to finally sort out the visual concepts for the main characters symbols so it was a productive day 🙂

Though the kids did manage to get orange juice on the sketch pad I am scripting in but then I got coffee on it the other day :/ As long as it is all still readable we are fine!

Posted: Thursday, April 10th, 2014 @ 8:57 am
Categories: Graphic Novel.
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