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So I’ve been making more notes 🙂

The comic should have manga overtones but not be manga, there should be an element of fusion between manga and “marvel” / “DC” comics and the old 1940’s cowboy comic styles. The style should also be fluid and changable to help represent the mode of the comic. It should help distinguish between the real world/base world of the comic ‘verse, from the virtual and dreamscape, for the latter two it can be more abstract and the tone alter completely in these cases.

In general lines should be crisp and clear and though backgrounds should be highly detailed, each panel should not be too busy.

Absence and flow between panels should give a sense of movement within the visual narrative.

The fantastical nature of some of the backgrounds and characters means elements from fantasy and scifi art should be examined.

Posted: Friday, April 11th, 2014 @ 7:02 am
Categories: Graphic Novel.
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