Camp Nanowrimo

As July is almost here I thought I would announce that I’ll be taking part in Camp Nanowrimo – it is a more laid back version of National Novel Writing Month that occurs in November. I have signed up and been allocated a cabin with writers I know from Bristol – the cabin structure of a small group that is yours makes it slightly different from the normal “nano” experience and is one I am looking forward too.

My aim is to work within the Punk’s Universe – there is now a lot of material created for this – 3 novel series, comic books scripts, flash fictions, a movie script and so on but none of it is finished. So I am aiming to write another 50, 000 words but it will be spread out over the novels which don’t all have endings or beginnings or middles!

I have also worked out the final time line for what needs to be done by when for the comic book Bamboozled which will be released in February – so I will be working on that as well.

Posted: Sunday, June 29th, 2014 @ 10:04 am
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