20 hours to go….

And July is almost here and I am EXCITED! I thought I’d work out exactly what I will be working on fro Camp Nanowrimo. As I have a tight schedule for the comic book I might have to give that priority – it is all already written so that is all drawing and digitazing and stuff which wont quiet fit in with how the website records stuff. So I am going to be trying to do the writing along side the drawing!

But what to work on first!

Punk in Pink?

The Godex Trilogy?

The Prometheus Series?

More comic book script or the film script?

Or do I look at rounding the flash fictions set in the world off at 100 or something?

This has also got me thinking about October and November and what I am going to be writing for those writing challenges! I normally do something dark and gothy for October though that is kind of how the Godex trilogy started! I’ve gotten into a pattern of always doing a new thing based in the same world for these challenges especially Nano. I’m thinking I might either go right back to the beginning of the Aquatic Apes or out into space and the remnants of what they had set up out there.

I’ve already time lined it!

First thing that needs to happen though is that I need to go through what I’ve already written and see where the wholes are I think!

Posted: Monday, June 30th, 2014 @ 12:18 pm
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