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A post I just posted to the Nano-forum on what I will be writing 🙂

Blue Lotus part 2

Blue Lotus is the 4th of my Zombie Quintette set in The Punk Universe, it sees the return of Emma my hard nut cop detective with two bosses – one of which happens to be from a far older race than us and is embroiled in an ancient war where nations and peoples are often the pawns. After her success in preventing a wetware AI from taking over she finds herself once more back in London but the new fringe drug issue she encountered just before she left has gone pandemic with violent outbreaks and necrosis common in the addicts.

A terrible terrorism attack has resulted in the vulnerable dying of radiation poisoning specific to them and threats of similar are crippling Britons already struggling police force. Emma knows things have gone from bad to worse when she finds herself unable to contact any boss of any sort and she is in the mire because the drugs craze is not just some kids with stolen lab glass nor is it the normal drug lords – no this problem leads her straight to the business sector and beyond.

The army are on her tail and it really is starting to look like the end of the world

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