Nano 2016 week 2

Well I was doing really well and then the US elections happened and bam!!! No writing.

Reasons for this are multiple.

a) I ended up writing lots of political poems, essays and so on and then went and performed them and ended up being swept up in the poetry world again.

b) It was pretty terrifying watching my US friends suffering – and truly they have been mainly through verbal abuse so far but the racist and sexist abuse is there. And even here in the UK it has restirred the not yet settled Brexit stuff.

c) Our rabbits got sick and died – I spent a week nursing one of them and was pretty upset as they were not yet a year old.

d) There were events like my kid being in a musical, Remembrance Sunday and friend visiting etc…

But… the main issue is actually e)

e) I am writing a complex hidden/alternative history series where the premiss is that we are not the first people but none the less our observable history is the same as the ones I write about though there are hidden things like super tech and steam punk victorian space bases.

The point at which it splits from our time line was near future – the near future stuff is what I am currently writing. The big things where that the UK split from Europe marking the beginning of it collapsing/turning into something else and the US voting in a white supremicist puppet as president in reaction to the catastrophies of climate change and collapsing economics etc…

The consequences of these happenings are quiet server in my novels resulting in plagues, super corps running things, slavery of various types and an acceleration of global warming, famines and so on. Super prisons, flooding, people ending up living on boats and nukes.

But the small stuff I’ve already written was a little too close to stuff that has already happened. After Brexist I had people actually say to me that perhaps I should stop writing incase I’m making it happen – kind of in jest – mostly in jest but only mostly.

And no I don’t think I’m making it happen but I kind of think I’ve extrapolated the data and made predictions and they’ve basically been right. This realisation has has two affects on me 1) I am actually scared with what I am seeing, yesterday there was a violent attack on a man down by the hospital over skin colour – he’s ok but none the less it drew blood and he had his little girl with him. And I kind of don’t really want to be thinking on worse case senarios (of which my books are not the worse iteration) and 2) I feel I have waited too long and missed the window when your near future stuff becomes the now you’ve taken too long to write it 🙁

Obviously these are still non-reasons to stop writing, if my stuff mirrors the real world then so be it – maybe people can learn from them – maybe my books will be on the banned list? (lets hope not!). So I have decided enough is enough and I have to start writing again – so I procrastinated by writing a blog post on why I haven’t been writing but this brain dump was needed to clear the air so I can get on with the story.

In the down time I have been doing some research as well in the form of watching documentaries etc…

Posted: Thursday, November 17th, 2016 @ 5:24 pm
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