CampNano and Screnzy

As April approaches it is time for me to start planning my CampNano project. April used to be reserved for Screnzy which was a script writing frenzy along the lines of National Novel Writing Month but they have since just merged it all into the main site and then split it off as a camp. The Nano Camps are extra writing challenges where you can set your own writing goals and belong to small little closed groups on the forum known as cabins.

So what am I planning?

Well I am still recovering from a head injury I sustained about 2 yrs ago so can’t binge write in the way I used to but there are still ways!

The plan… poetry, graphic novel and then a new Punk Universe epic which will be the series I’ll do for the other writing challenges during the year too 🙂

So first off… poetry.

April is a month that I traditionally do a Poem A Day challenge. What I actually aim to do is spend 30 hours through out the month working on my poetry! The results and efforts can be found on Turquoise Monster.

Secondly there is Screnzy… now this I use to produce the story board/scripts for my graphic novels. The aim is 100 pages of script – again what I am actually doing is spending 30 hrs on my graphics stuff. This is mainly the graphic novels set in the Punk’s Universe but also includes the visuals for a roll playing game book and my other zines and illustration works. The priority is the initial 100 pages though. I have not yet decided exactly what the graphic novel will be this year but I have a few ideas!

Third there is novel writing time!

And I have picked the apocalyptic part of the future where the Earth is in chaos from zombies/plague, global warming, financial greed and nuclear war. It is as always a series and is known as Tides.

It is primarily about how the early seasteds survive and how they come to be established as major powers by the time The Punk in Pink is set.

I have started preparing for it by reading and researching, it weaves in the doomsday predictions etc… and actual potential consequences of global warming.

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