The Janus Chronicles – the plan

The Janus Chronicles document the stories of Jonathan, a programming and technology geek who becomes a powerful business man thanks to buying bitcoins as a bit of a joke as a young man. Unlucky in love, he non-the-less has a big heart and always tries to the best he can.

Having a rocky childhood he finds himself entangled with the “elders”, a strange race of long lived other humans, that not only pre-date but made our version of humanity. Jonathan himself finds that he is not ageing normally but is highly depressive in nature and has a bit of a jesus complex, this leads to multiple adoptions and other acts that complicate things, though he is actually a nice, caring person.

Janus is his internet and gaming handle and is named after the good of doorways or new beginnings.

The Janus Chronicles follow his life through the medium of graphic novels or comic books.

Taking us through his childhood and initiation, into The White Tower and Promethius series and beyond into his virtual worlds.

Posted: Saturday, April 1st, 2017 @ 8:09 pm
Categories: Graphic Novel, Waffle.
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