Tides – the plan

Tides is a series set in the near future where disease, war and global warming have driven people to the waves. Living in floating communities – often with scarce resources they are in perilous balance.

The series covers the hardships that shape these communities as they form the seasted nations, including the pirates and mega conglomerations such as The Corp, including the satellites, hangers on and the various over lapping combinations of all these factions groups roaming the global oceans.

Structure so far is 3 books at about 300, 000 words each. Themselves broken down into 100, 000 slim novels that I will probably release as 10, 000 word novelettes if they can stand alone.

It is set in my Punk Universe and crosses over heavily with The Punk In Pink, and The Zombie Quintette as well as the short story A Wanting For Grass and Sea Farm.

Posted: Monday, April 3rd, 2017 @ 4:45 pm
Categories: Waffle.
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