Listening Too to Write

March 20th, 2017

I like setting a mood when I am writing – finding this collection good for writing too :)

Research and Head Injury

January 14th, 2017

I am actually recovering from a head injury which has caused me quiet a few problems – some of these include the amount of time and how I read things :(

But I am still trying – mainly I have shifted over to listening to podcasts with some documentary watching and a little bit of reading – hopefully this will improve with time. At the moment reading dense text makes me konk out! As in I fall asleep not through boredom but purely because it is too much for my poor brain to handle – I suppose it’s over heating!

I’ve had to slow down a lot on research and writing – I can’t do big stints but I can still do something. For a start I have been keeping vocal recordings of ideas and even dictating somethings as initially I could not type etc… What I have from the past year and a half is a mess but there is still a lot of good stuff in there but it is going to take a hell of a lot of going through!

I’ve written a lot of the graphic novel side of the universe because that is the deeper scifi and does not need historical accuracy and I can draw easier than write and it feels as if I am still moving the story forward :)

Also once hand coordination came back I’ve been writing long hand as well but obviously that all needs typing up which is also a lot of work!

I am getting there though and progress is being made though I will confess to having to make lots of diagrams to work out what the hell I was doing with this universe – fortunately I had written quiet extensive notes and as I work on it a lot of the stuff is coming back anyway!

Fantasy Music

January 7th, 2017

I found this 2 hr collection of fantasy music great to write to. It helps me to imagine I am in a film whilst writing :)

New Year… er same old story?

January 1st, 2017

Another year has passed and I still don’t really have anything finished for The Punk’s Universe other than a few flash fictions and short stories (to be fair there is actually quiet a lot of these which can be read on Magenta Monster under the category The Punk’s World). In 2019 I will have been writing these stories for a decade – well that was one beginning – another was when I was in year 8 at school – I think I’d already turned 13 but maybe not as I remember dictating bits of it to my dad who wrote it down because I was too slow/dyslexic to manage that myself and the ideas were brimming over.

So it’s been a long time in the fermentation and I know I say it every year but I do really want to get a move on and get some of this out there properly :)

However I am also not going to rush things! In fact what I am going to do is use the ten year anniversary of my first National Novel Writing Month as the deadline and the wait date.

I have some plans but they are still in the formative stages at the moment :)

So here’s to a happy writing year :)

Nano 2016 week 2

November 17th, 2016

Well I was doing really well and then the US elections happened and bam!!! No writing.

Reasons for this are multiple.

a) I ended up writing lots of political poems, essays and so on and then went and performed them and ended up being swept up in the poetry world again.

b) It was pretty terrifying watching my US friends suffering – and truly they have been mainly through verbal abuse so far but the racist and sexist abuse is there. And even here in the UK it has restirred the not yet settled Brexit stuff.

c) Our rabbits got sick and died – I spent a week nursing one of them and was pretty upset as they were not yet a year old.

d) There were events like my kid being in a musical, Remembrance Sunday and friend visiting etc…

But… the main issue is actually e)

e) I am writing a complex hidden/alternative history series where the premiss is that we are not the first people but none the less our observable history is the same as the ones I write about though there are hidden things like super tech and steam punk victorian space bases.

The point at which it splits from our time line was near future – the near future stuff is what I am currently writing. The big things where that the UK split from Europe marking the beginning of it collapsing/turning into something else and the US voting in a white supremicist puppet as president in reaction to the catastrophies of climate change and collapsing economics etc…

The consequences of these happenings are quiet server in my novels resulting in plagues, super corps running things, slavery of various types and an acceleration of global warming, famines and so on. Super prisons, flooding, people ending up living on boats and nukes.

But the small stuff I’ve already written was a little too close to stuff that has already happened. After Brexist I had people actually say to me that perhaps I should stop writing incase I’m making it happen – kind of in jest – mostly in jest but only mostly.

And no I don’t think I’m making it happen but I kind of think I’ve extrapolated the data and made predictions and they’ve basically been right. This realisation has has two affects on me 1) I am actually scared with what I am seeing, yesterday there was a violent attack on a man down by the hospital over skin colour – he’s ok but none the less it drew blood and he had his little girl with him. And I kind of don’t really want to be thinking on worse case senarios (of which my books are not the worse iteration) and 2) I feel I have waited too long and missed the window when your near future stuff becomes the now you’ve taken too long to write it :(

Obviously these are still non-reasons to stop writing, if my stuff mirrors the real world then so be it – maybe people can learn from them – maybe my books will be on the banned list? (lets hope not!). So I have decided enough is enough and I have to start writing again – so I procrastinated by writing a blog post on why I haven’t been writing but this brain dump was needed to clear the air so I can get on with the story.

In the down time I have been doing some research as well in the form of watching documentaries etc…

Week 1 – NaNo 16

November 7th, 2016

Week 1 is done and as I have been saying to nanoing friends – I’m finding it hard to work out word counts as some is written in long hand, some is dictated on the phone, some is on blogs and some is in files on the laptop.

So unlike previous years I am trying to not care about the word count, trying not to push myself to new mad heights.

But… I am finding therefore a little bit of a slog to get started.

However, I do know that I may have underestimated how long the books are going to be! One of the chapters I wrote during Gothnowrimo to my bullet point outline is the length of a novelette! (I don’t think it is a chapter :/ )

Also I couldn’t help myself I’ve been planning Z5.

NaNo Begins! 2016

November 1st, 2016

Last night I was running around scare acting, I did not get in until late, it’s a seasonal job, it is fab and great… I got to think on plots and character building during the down times – standing in misty fields watching sickle moons rising in bloody orange hues.

So first thing I needed to do was a brain dump of ideas and so I did not start nano-ing when I got home! No I began plotting and things. Due to a brain injury I am having to pace myself also as it is very hard for me to sustain concentration especially with screen work.

Last years nano was done with speech recognition software so that is what I will again be using for the majority of writing.

Also I am not going to be writing linearly as too much frame work still needs to be set down for the Blue Lotus stories. And… well the Zombie Quintette wants to kind of all be written together so I am only forcing myself to get so far with Z4 before I allow myself to jump back into the other novels. Z5 is the only one that currently has no work done for it and even then there are parts within the other novels.

So I’d best actually get noveling hadn’t I!?

Nano blurb

October 25th, 2016

A post I just posted to the Nano-forum on what I will be writing :)

Blue Lotus part 2

Blue Lotus is the 4th of my Zombie Quintette set in The Punk Universe, it sees the return of Emma my hard nut cop detective with two bosses – one of which happens to be from a far older race than us and is embroiled in an ancient war where nations and peoples are often the pawns. After her success in preventing a wetware AI from taking over she finds herself once more back in London but the new fringe drug issue she encountered just before she left has gone pandemic with violent outbreaks and necrosis common in the addicts.

A terrible terrorism attack has resulted in the vulnerable dying of radiation poisoning specific to them and threats of similar are crippling Britons already struggling police force. Emma knows things have gone from bad to worse when she finds herself unable to contact any boss of any sort and she is in the mire because the drugs craze is not just some kids with stolen lab glass nor is it the normal drug lords – no this problem leads her straight to the business sector and beyond.

The army are on her tail and it really is starting to look like the end of the world

How To Still Write

October 21st, 2016

A bit of a spanner has been thrown into the works :(

I had a head injury last year and have been struggling with various things – went to a specalist at the hospital and they have said I am doing to much and need more rest etc.. to help my brain recover.

It’s sustained concentration that is a big issue especially where words and things are concerned. This means I’ve had to step down the pace on nano/gothno as I’m just crashing – however I am not giving up.

a) I can pace and do just a little bit at a time – I dislike writing fragmented but I can do it – it just mucks up the flow slightly for me

b) I can dictate like I did last year when I couldn’t write still from the head injury – issues with that are that I can’t be bothered to speak the punctuation as it breaks my train of thought and there are pronounciation errors and the made up names are right out. So basically it is an editing nightmare but hopefully it will be less of an editing nightmare than last years when I was still having slurred speech issues!

So I am now organising myself so that I will be ready with this new system in time for Nano proper.

Snowballing Time

October 14th, 2016

I thought I would try dividing the book up into sections and then building it up from those sections and hopefully watch the story snowball to completion!

So I started by deciding that it is divided into three section then I split those sections into number of chapters and rough length/size of those chapters. I then did one an outline for each section followed by a sentence describing each chapter.

For the first part of called The Lotus Dreamers I have since expanded each chapter into ten bullet points which I can just type up and fill in the gaps as it were. Lets hope this works!

I used a similar system to write my final year assignment during my undergraduate but obviously that was an academic subject but I think it should work. It is kind of similar to the snowflake method so I am hopeful!