Camp Nano Survival

July 18th, 2014

We are just over half way through this months writing challenge and I am not doing as well as I would like. I have written 8000 words so far, scattered across two novels and a flash fiction. I am hoping to break the 10 K barrier today though obviously I have side tracked myself into writing blog posts!

Hoping to get to a second write in this weekend as I always write more at those. Also big spur is that my Camp Nano survival kit has arrived complete with cloth badge! (Yes I have a camp blanket and guess what is going on there!).

At the moment it looks rather doubtful that I can complete the challenge but you never know!

Camp Nano Survival Kit

To Split or Not To Split?

July 3rd, 2014

Looking at the volume of the first Punk novels I am starting to think I need to split them out – they were written with chapters alternatively in the past and future. I really like this style of chapters which I first came across as a teen reading The Eight, but the book lengths are getting stupid.

I had interwoven the plots but think they could would as distinct books – however the other reason I did it was to try and make it clear that there was a science fiction element there and the huge stretches of time – think Highlander.

Also I really enjoyed writing it as it was like working on two separate stories but the other trilogies set in the World do not follow this pattern – what to do?

For now I will just keep writing but would be interested in opinions.

PIP 1st 100 K

July 2nd, 2014

The Punk In Pink first 100 K words

The stories set in the Punk’s World/Universe are so epic now that I have had to cave in and pint it out. I thought I’d share with you the first 100, 000 words of The Punk In Pink. I will be organising it all with the help of arch-lever files and sticky tabs in various colours :)

Midnight Slithers

July 1st, 2014

So it is just gone midnight and now is the time to begin – so of course I decided that writing a blog post about the fact I am not yet writing would be the thing to do!

I’ve decided to kind of mix it all up so for instance I will spend tonight writing out the wholes in The Punk in Pink – the half Elizabethan and half futuristic story where Punku (The Punk) starts to discover who she is after centuries of amnesia.

I will do at least 2000 words on this project but once that 2000 is up I am allowed to change – I may then write some flash fiction or work on the Godex series or Prometheus etc… Each day I will select one to work on like this.

It probably isn’t the most sensible way but then none of this has ever been done sensibly and this year is the 5 yr of nanoing :) Six if you count the non Punk based story series I started but never even got around to registering in 2008 when I first found out about nano :)

So see you all on the flip side of the writing 😀

20 hours to go….

June 30th, 2014

And July is almost here and I am EXCITED! I thought I’d work out exactly what I will be working on fro Camp Nanowrimo. As I have a tight schedule for the comic book I might have to give that priority – it is all already written so that is all drawing and digitazing and stuff which wont quiet fit in with how the website records stuff. So I am going to be trying to do the writing along side the drawing!

But what to work on first!

Punk in Pink?

The Godex Trilogy?

The Prometheus Series?

More comic book script or the film script?

Or do I look at rounding the flash fictions set in the world off at 100 or something?

This has also got me thinking about October and November and what I am going to be writing for those writing challenges! I normally do something dark and gothy for October though that is kind of how the Godex trilogy started! I’ve gotten into a pattern of always doing a new thing based in the same world for these challenges especially Nano. I’m thinking I might either go right back to the beginning of the Aquatic Apes or out into space and the remnants of what they had set up out there.

I’ve already time lined it!

First thing that needs to happen though is that I need to go through what I’ve already written and see where the wholes are I think!

Camp Nanowrimo

June 29th, 2014

As July is almost here I thought I would announce that I’ll be taking part in Camp Nanowrimo – it is a more laid back version of National Novel Writing Month that occurs in November. I have signed up and been allocated a cabin with writers I know from Bristol – the cabin structure of a small group that is yours makes it slightly different from the normal “nano” experience and is one I am looking forward too.

My aim is to work within the Punk’s Universe – there is now a lot of material created for this – 3 novel series, comic books scripts, flash fictions, a movie script and so on but none of it is finished. So I am aiming to write another 50, 000 words but it will be spread out over the novels which don’t all have endings or beginnings or middles!

I have also worked out the final time line for what needs to be done by when for the comic book Bamboozled which will be released in February – so I will be working on that as well.

Getting the Figures Right

June 28th, 2014

So I’ve been having trouble drawing the Punk for the front cover – I know what position she should be in and stuff but I just couldn’t work it out to draw it. None of my drawing books had the pose so I tried to get my little girl to pose for me but she was grumpy so it’s ended up being my husband. Now all I have to do is work out how to fit the cloths onto the form!

Al posing as the Punk

Reading and Assessing Comics

April 15th, 2014

Yesterday I went to the library and started looking at the comic books and graphic novels whilst my 8 year old read books. Firstly I inspected the types of art work used and the quality of the art work, none of it including Marvel et al… was what I would call perfect and there were a lot of different styles too.

Also when I looked at the story lines most of them were very jumpy and hard to follow, the older more established names where better but still slightly tongue in cheek – which is a good thing as I was worried that mine was coming out too silly and fragmented.

My conclusion is that I have been worrying way to much.

Manga Eyes

April 14th, 2014

I’ve continued practicing my drawing each day and have produced a page of eyes.

Manga eyes

Some of them are my own and some are drawn/copied from a manga how to draw book.

I think there is a def. improvement which makes me feel that I might just be able to pull this off.

The Two Script Dilema

April 13th, 2014

I’ve mainly been working on my college stuff so my poor Graphic Novel script is being neglected. On the plus side I am getting somewhere with the script for college – it is actually 4 scripts but none of them is very long so that is fine. Of course they are for puppets who are awful at taking stage directions!