Week 2 CampNaNoWriMo Summer 2018

July 14th, 2018

This week started well but we have reached that point of all the things happening at the schools and the dashing around here there and everywheere and of course last minute festvals and things being thrown into the mix for work!

So I haven’t had as much time at the computer, I have however taken out my note book where I’ve been working on the flash fictions. Last month I sepnt about 30 hrs working on them and got about 30, 000 words written but what I also did was write a ttile on each page up until 100. Titles that are connected to the Punk Universe and I have been filling up a page with either actual prose or notes. This is a portable piece of work and the shortness of each piece means it doesn’t matter if I get interrupted and I can just scribble a bit here and there.

Bit annoying for my word count as it is not in electric form! But it is also awesome world builing – most of the titles I purposely chose to be part of the space colonisation story lines!

Week 1 CampNano Summer 2018

July 7th, 2018

I’ve made a pretty awesome start – I am getting up and getting the kids out to school – the youngest is at breakfast club so I basically get from 7:15 until 10 to write but I am neglecting my admins and I am not sure how long I can get away with that for!

I alos have workshops and art shows to deal with along with some naughty medical stuff which is determined to stuff things up – but the word count is creeping up and the story is flowing!

The working title is To Survive The Martian Rain and is about the phase in my fictional Martian history where the tereforming is breaking down and no help from Earth or anywhere else is to be had. Various disasotrs and wars have cut the colonies off and they are floundering. The environments are becoming hostile once more and the dolphins, seals and aquatic apes/first humans are having to adapt.

CampNano Summer 2018

July 1st, 2018

This week sees the start of CampNano Summer – I am continueing with the story I started for the Spring CampNano and so will once again be deep within the termoil of the Punks Universe. I am currently exploring the deep past and the Sea Empires’s sojournes out into space. Specifically I am chronicling the fate of the Martian colonies of old part of the Red Globe Series (Martian Chronicles is obviously already taken as a title!) which started off as a series of flash fictions.

The aim is to have 300, 000 words written by the end of the year not including the flash fictions and story starters that are already written.

I struggled a bit with April’s challenge so am still struggling to reach that first 100 k word goal. To be fair I have continued to work on the Pods storyline this year as well as pottering within the other various story arcs of the universe.

This particular writing challenge sees the end of the school year and is therefore a time of transition and kid dashing here and there and entertaining so my aim is to try and get as much written initially to give myself a little bit of lee way. Last month was all about writing flash fiction and story openings – all based within the Punk Universe – next year will mark 10 yrs of me taking part in the novel writing challenges so I want to start releasing the universe to the public properly, hence the focus!

Week One of GothNoWriMo 2017

October 9th, 2017

I broke the 10 k barrier – I wrote over 10, 000 words but I will have less time towards the end of the month and hammered most of the words out whilst being too sick to get out of bed for any length of time!

I have no idea how many words I will manage in the coming week but will keep plugging away – I am trying to devote the first part of the morning to writing. The idea is that I can whack out 1000 words and that will be the minimum for the day, I then get on with other things until the evening when depending on what is happening might allow me to do some more writing.

Since my head injury writing is hard but this year is so much better than the last two years (the year of the actual head bang I pretty much dictated everything).

I’m not really writing the story I’d planned to write – instead I thought I’d finish off some of the flash and short fictions I have languishing. In going through my archive and deciding what to work on I came across a story idea and just decided to roll with it :)

It is called The Pods and is based in the near to medium future of the Punk’s Universe – it is after the Zombie Apocalypse and nuclear strikes but before the Geowars.

GothNoWriMo 2017 Begins

October 2nd, 2017

It is novelling time again :) I have my pumpkin spice and hot drinks on tap and am prioritising computer time as writing time :)

The word goals for GothNo are 30-70 k – I will be happy with 30 k – I desperately want to set myself the larger target but not sure I should due to the ever on going head injury stuff so I am setting them as loose and flexible targets! As of yesterday, I already have 4 k under the belt :)

But October is a pretty busy month for me so I know I will get hardly any writing done towards the end of the month, so if the writings going to happen it has to happen NOW!

GothNoWriMo 2017

September 26th, 2017

October approaches and that means it is time to start writing – I tend to start my serious novelling in October which gives me a nice warm up ready for NaNo itself.

Of course being October and the month of Halloween I always feel I should write the darker parts of The Punk Story Lines.

I haven’t quiet decided what I am going to be writing yet in October but hoping to steam through and do a good 50 K – I’ve been struggling with a head injury the last few years which has made nano quiet the challenge! But If I start with 50 K and see where I can go from there!

Camping Out for Writing

July 7th, 2017

Actually July does tend to involve camping for us as a family as I work at a lot of music festivals etc… but I am actually talking about my camp nanowrimo writing challenge!

So far I have split the Punk in Pink – my first nano novel from 2009 into two – the futuristic part now being The Punk in Pink (PIP) and the historic Tudor setting part is now The Punk in Brocade.

I’ve also written a prologue which is also the bridge in time between Punku’s role in 15th Century France to her role in 16th Century England.

Obviously I am re-writing a bit as well – part of this is to fill in the fore and back shadowing of the story and part is also corrections and making things more vivid for the time period as I have spent a lot of time now reading around and researching the various time periods and the people that Punku becomes and how.

I have not yet managed to do anymore work on this years Nano project Tides but that will come :)

July 2017 Camp NaNo

July 1st, 2017

Yep, I’m at it again – Camp NaNoWriMo is a month long writing drive that is a spin off of the main National Novel Writing Month. With camp you tend to choose your own word goals and things.

I did the April one where I started working on Tides – which is my main focus of all the nano stuff this year. As always it is based in the Punks Universe and this particular one actually does contain Punku who is the main character. However, I always have a second project and this month that happens to be sorting out my first ever Nano novel – The Punk In Pink.

The Punk In Pink was the reason this blog was actually set up and I have tried to document the creation process, initially I was pouring out the naked as I write stuff on here but it became apparent that the universe was so big and complex that storyline shifts might have to be made. I have still tried to add notes and creative how too, and things like biogs of characters.

Anyway – what I am actually up to is revisiting that first novel and trying to make it ready for the 2019 roll out!

First thing this involves is splitting the story – it had been one chapter in the future and one in the past but it is just too long for that to work and I think it is a good structure to write the series in as it helps concrete the time line. It is not however a good way to read the story so I’ve extracted the Tudor period chapters. And it is those that I am going to publish first as a) it is the most complete of my story arcs that actually contain Punku and b) it is were I started this adventure.

This does leave me with a title issue – the pink bit of the title refers to Punku’s environment suit that she wears in the future – so it is no good for the Tudor stuff. All of the stories with Punku as the focus of the story are Punk In Something and the Tudor era is renowned for it’s brocade so I have gone for The Punk in Brocade rather than a colour.

Also there is some reworking needed as without the futuristic chapters I need to lay some more ground work to show that she is long lived and obviously from a high technology background. I’ve also need to write a second prologue as again the prologue really belongs to the chapters set in the future – these will remain as The Punk In Pink.

Having said all of this I’d better get going with that actual writing marlarky had I not!

Epic Vocals Writing Music

June 18th, 2017

This is some of the music that I am writing to at the moment :)

Powerful Epic Writing Music

June 11th, 2017

This is one of the Youtube music mixes that I am using to write to at the moment :)