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Finding the Note Books

Friday, November 1st, 2013

This years NaNo is based in the Punk’s Universe (as they all have been!) and the initial idea for it occured on a long drive to Bristol but was a construct from a dream I had had. Then I had another dream about six weeks ago and it fitted perfectly though based a few more […]

It Was All Nano’s Eve

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

As GothNoWriMo screeches to an end, I realise I have triumphed and failed – I did not make the sort of word counts I have made in the past but I have got 30 K sitting there awaiting editing 🙂 The story itself now has a proper shape and an idea of where it is […]

Writing Snack Boycott :(

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

So normally I get Jelly Belly jelly beans (except when I was pregnant and nano-ing!) but I have found out that the boss of the company is homo and trans phobic 🙁 And puts vast amounts of his profits into what are essential hate campaigns. This means I will not be getting any for my […]

Writing Time

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

This year I am not actually sure how I am going to find time to write my novel O.o for a start I am now at college albeit part time, I still have a hell of a lot to do and a big chunk of it is science writing which may well take up my […]

NaNo Prep – writing space

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

I am tidying the attic at the moment – we moved way more than a year ago and it still isn’t really usable properly as a studio so I am using nanowrimo as an reason to sort it out. I have lots of pictures and postcards and things that I have collected which I am […]


Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

I am taking part in GothNoWriMo this month (gothic novel writing month were the challenge is to write between 30-70 K words in October on a horror theme) – but I am working on something that started out as a flash fiction and has grown into a series that looks like it may well go […]

Script Frenzy

Friday, April 1st, 2011

And so it is April and April means ScriptFrenzy or Screnzy and I am re-attempting last years project of a Punk graphic novel. I was planning on being a bit more organised for it it this year but having the baby has thrown things a bit of course. The initial idea had been to do […]

Happy New Year! And Writing Challenges!

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

I love my writing challenges and so will be continuing with them this year though how it will go with a new born I’m not sure! The next one in February which is WoPoWriMo – this is obviously poetry and so nothing to do with The Punk except last year I found myself writing poetry […]

Happy Christmas Nanoers!

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

Well the novel is not finished – suprise suprise! Never mind I have until November! I am determined to start a new novel for the next nano though as it will be a Punk novel it probably doesn’t really make much difference! Anyway I hope you all had a good Christmas and I’ll see you […]


Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

I realised that I hadn’t put in the prologue with the recaps and that the recaps themselves are sort of useful. But I think I a) need to add some categories to this blog and b) set up a page that indexes things in nice clickable links – I’m not promising this will happen any […]